MY IVF Process

Hi… Hi… I’ve been idle for too long. I lost my writing appetite for a while since I was in the IVF Program.  Anyway I will be cut the un important story bla bla bla things. I want to write how’s my IVF Process, so it will be helpful for those who are planning to have the IVF Treatment 🙂

Well  as you read before, I decided to choose Klinik Yasmin with dr Budi Wiweko, if I am not mistaken I need to queue about 2.5 hours before I got in the doctor’s room. And yes it was Tuesday,  3rd April 2012 and it was 3rd day of my period, and I still bleeds quite alot, he did the vaginal USG to see how much eggs to be that I have. And it’s around 8 eggs. And he start prescribe me with Gonal F 300 cc per day that should be injected to my tummy. And he asked me to see him again after 4 days.

It’s only about 10 minutes in the doctor rooms, when you asked him do i have any foods or action to avoid ? He will always answer no things to avoid, just relax. Thank’s God I have joined a forum before, there’s alot of information that you can get. Such as, you need to eat well-done boiled egg and it must be ‘telur kampung’ and you only eat the white part. Eat it 5-6 eggs per day. These eggs will help you to boost your egg size 🙂 so it won’t need alot of Gonal F injection to stimulate your eggs. It will also help if you drink pregancy milk to give you a lot of protein.

Anyway, it cost me around more than 8 Million Rupiah for this 1st meeting, why it’s expensive ? Because  you will spend Rp 8,300,000.- only for Gonal F 1050U. After queuing for payment and waiting your medicine is delivered to you. I went to the nursery room, and one of the nurse tought me how to inject my self and explain about the Gonal F. Gonal F 1050 U, it has 1 tiny tube of the medicine powder, 1 tube of some medicine water in an injection tools  and lots of disposable injection tools.  And we should keep this Gonal F in the refrigerator but not in the Freezer. First you must inject the water into the medicine powder tube, and it will become 1200 cc. And since my prescription is 300cc per day, the nurse took 1 of the new injection tool, opened it, and sucked  300cc  of the  1200 cc liquid. 

Gonal F 1050 UI

Then, she pinched my tummy a little, it’s 2 or 3 finger rows from my navel, then she injected the Gonal to my tummy. That’s how to do it. Since I’ve done alot injection in my alergy therapy when I was in High School, this is not hurt at all.

So what I need to do is give myself Gonal F shot every 1.30 PM because it must be done in the same hour everyday to get a better result. The nurse said I can come to RSCM everyday, the nurses here will help to do the injection. But the tomorrow, on my 2nd day I did the injection in Plaza Indonesia Clinic (My office is The Plaza Office Tower) it cost me only Rp 30.000,- hehehe and It’s cheaper than my taxi cost to RSCM which it will be around Rp 50.000,-  and saving time 🙂

The next day, the 3rd day, I did it to myself, because I have no time to go down to the Clinic, I have a meeting to catch up, so yes, I encouraged myself  “Come on, I can do this alone, it save money also, just pinched the tummy and  puncture the needle” So that what I did. I did it on my workstation hahahaha with no one seeing my tummy of course. And so the fourth day, I did shot myself again.

Fifth Day, it was Saturday, 7 April 2012, me and hubby went back to see the doctor and we still saw 8 eggs I forgot the diameter but it still quite small, so the doctor gave me another Gonal F 1050 UI with 300 cc per day.  I spent another more than 8 Million Rupiah. The injection was done by the nurse. Sixth Day, it was Sunday, another 300 cc injection, this time my hubby help to give the shot. In this day, we also taken the sperm from my hubby and keep it frozen, we do this for prevention since my hubby will go to Japan, and will be back on Thursday Night. Just in case my Ovum Pickup is done that day, I am afraid we won’t make it. And for those storage service cost me Rp 2.3000.000,-

Seventh Day, Monday 9 April 2012, I went back to Yasmin, and there’s 7 eggs, and there’s little progression with the diameter. This time doctor add Cetrotide Injection. And it was done by the nurse. The procedure and the tools mostly the same with gonal but Cetrotide it’s only 1 shot per package. Cetrotide prevents an endogenous LH surge that would trigger an untimely ovulation prior to the hCG administration by the treating physician, in English is it prevent your eggs being mature before the Ovum pickup.


Eighth Day, Tuesday, 10 April 2012, I did it myself for both injection Gonal F and CetrotideNinth Day, Wednesday, 11 April 2012, I went back to see the doctor, this time he gave me Gonal F 375, Luveris and Cetrotide. All the injection is done by the nurse.Tenth Day, Thursday, 12 April 2012, in the morning I went to RSCM to have blood test, to see my Estradiol, LH and P4, and in the afternoon I went to see the doctor again, he said my Ovum Pick Up Day will be Saturday. Since most of my eggs is already  15mm size but only left 5 of them. He gave me Gonal F 450, Luveris  (Luveris is used with follitropin alfa (Gonal-F) to stimulate a follicle(egg) to develop and mature) and Cetrotide. These injection is done by the nurse. And he gave me Ovidrel it will help to stimulate the eggs so it will be good condition of eggs, that I should inject myself  at 7.30 PM sharp. And you know what, since my hubby is on his way back from Japan, so I went home by myself from RSCM to Karawaci, I did shot myself the ovidrel in the taxi since the traffic was extremely bad. I spent  2.5 hours to go home.  Those injection is my last injection in this process.  



 I should be thank to God since all of those medicine has no side effect for me. I didn’t get OHSS either. It said in the forum that eat boiled white egg is also reduce OHSS risk 🙂

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a complication occasionally seen in women who take certain fertility medicines that stimulate egg production.

The symptoms of OHSS can range from mild to severe. Most women with the condition have mild symptoms such as:

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Mild pain in the abdomen
  • Weight gain

In rare cases, women can have more serious symptoms, including:

  • Significant weight gain (more than 10 pounds in 3 – 5 days)
  • Severe pain or swelling in the belly area
  • Decreased urination
  • Shortness of breath

To be continued….


Office Hysteroscopy

 Oh okay, I will another medical action for this preparing IVF Treatment. It’s called Office Hysteroscopy. As I walked out from the Doctor’s Room, the nurse as me to enter the action room, she gave me a capsule and put it through my anal, she said it’s for cut the pain in the process, oh.. that’s scary, so this process will cause a pain. Damn…

She also asked ” Have you signed the agreement letter before the medical action” I said no, yeah because the doctor and his nurse assistant didn’t give us anything to sign. Ok then he asked my hubby to fill in & sign the paper. Oh, it’s very un-professional 😦 to ask us to sign after the action 😦  Anyways she asked me to wait about 15 min before the action. So I took a pee and wait outside. I was so nervous, I just hoped it won’t cause so much pain.

After around more than 15 minutes, the nurse assistant called my name, as me to enter the room, take a position and wait the doctor. I notice that the nurse is messaged the doctor via bbm, said that I am ready, but after 5 minutes waiting, the doctor is not showed up, she’s a bit panicked, she’s afraid that dr. Budi already go home. WTF ?? How come, I believe he’s the one who asked me to have this hysterocopy thing. After around 10 min waiting inside, while my husband still waiting outside, the doctor came up. He said that he brought another doctor to learn this process to. Huft, what can I say ? As the process is began, I asked the nurse to bring my hubby in around 3 times, until the nurse do it. What a services ?? I just need my hubby stand beside me in the process is that so difficult to understand ?

Office Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a diagnostic procedure used to assess the uterine cavity. Defects that can be found in the uterine cavity include polyps, sub-mucosal myomas, or scar tissue. All of these can affect fertility. Hysteroscopy is referred to as the ‘Gold Standard’ test because it allows complete visualization of the uterine cavity.

Having an abnormality in your uterus can reduce your chances for pregnancy. A hysteroscopy is a test that uses sterile salt water and a tiny telescope to visualize the inside of your uterus. The test is able to detect scar tissue, polyps, fibroids, and any uterine abnormality such as a septate uterus, that may prevent an embryo from implanting properly.

Normal Uterus


Anyway we also notice that in middle of  the process, another nurse came in just to borrow a lamp. Ge’ez, Can I have privacy here please?? Anyway, the process itself is not hurt. I just notice that I can see my uterus cavity is like a cotton candy actually, and the doctor use a tiny scissor to cut small polyps inside the uterus. dr. Budi didn’t explain much while in the process, he only said that he’s cleaned up the way in my uterus, so when the embryo transfer can be done smoothly. I know that I have small polyps inside after the process itself  is done.

Anyway, after it’s done, I need to lay down for a few minutes until my legs stop shaking, the nurse assistant gave a  to absorb the liquid & spot that come. I felt painful cramp like a menstrual cramp for around 1 hour. I spent almost  5 million rupiah that day include the medicine and hormone blood test.

My 1st visit for IVF Consultation


After waiting for more than an hour, finally the nurse assistant was calling my name. Dr. Budi is a smiling face person. He seem nice but not as hospitality as dr. Wiku or dr. Heru.

I told him my condition, I gave him my HSG, USG, Hormon check result and my hubby semen analysis. And he repeated the same explanation with the others doctors, which I can’t conceive naturally since my tube fallopian is blocked. When the tube is blocked, there’s no other way, only IVF is the chance. He gave me the IVF guideline book. And he’s explained the process which mostly I’ve known it already.

So I asked him some question as below, I’ve prepared it from home 🙂

“I heard there’s long protocol and short protocol. What’s the difference ? And when it will be decided to use long or short ?”

Doctor explained that Long Protocol was the old methode, which I will be given some medicine to slow down my hormone for about 21 days. And after I will be given medicine to increase my eggs size. Once the egg is almost mature, they will begin the OPU (Ovulation Pick Up). Long Protocol usually takes 6-8 weeks. While short protocol will only take 4 -6 weeks, start from the 2nd day of my menstrual days, I will be given injection to increase my egg size for 10 days, in the 6th day, they will add some injection to slow down my egg maturity and prevent them from splitting before the OPU day. Mostly current IVF Treatment is using the short protocol.

Short Protocol

Long Protocol


“When is the best time to take medical leaves, is it before ET (embrio transfer) or after ? ”

“You should have bed rest and have no stress after the embryo transfer until the judgement day it’s about 2 weeks. While in the preparation for OPU, you can still working, but after ET you should have bed rest. We can give an official letter for your company”

“If the embryo is confirmed, should I still control in this hospital, or I can get back to my obgyn doctor ?

“You can get back to dr. Budi  at Siloam for sure, our job is done when the embryo is successfully confirmed”

“Doc, actually from your perspective what caused my tube fallopian blockage ? Is it because of the adenomiosis & endometrosis”

” I can’t tell you for sure, we need to do laparoscopic if you want to know the cause. But mostly it’s because of the endometrosis and it blocked your tuba fallopian. But since you have adenomiosis also, it also could be the cause”

“Can we take the endometrosis cyst when I deliver the baby ?”

“Usually when you are pregnant, your body will let release hormone and it can vanish the cyst, so no worries about it”

“How much chance that I have with my condition ? How much the probability of the success rate ? ”

“Since you are  30 years old. The chance is  around 30-40%, there’s a lot of people who have been successful with the IVF Treatment here”

“The treatment will start on the 2nd day of menstrual period, will you have Transvaginal USG to check me ?”

“Of course, I need to know and count, how many eggs that you will probably have.”

“While I’m having IVF treatment, is there any food that I should avoid ?”

“No, but it’s better you don’t take raw food”

After that the doctor checked my uterus through Transvaginal USG, and he also put his finger inside to check which part that I felt pain. Hmmm I am not comfortable with this action actually, but what can I say ? Anyway by doing that, the doctor found that I have little lump near my right vagina. He said its the one which caused painful cramp when I am having the menstrual period.

The doctor asked me to have more blood test for another hormone test and office hysteroscopy action. He asked me if I can done it today it will be better, so I just need to come again in the 2nd day of my menstrual period to check the egg.

Okay this working day would be a long day in the hospital…

Consultation Book

IVF Guideline Book

Doctor number four

Okay this is will be the fourth doctor that we’ve been seeing. Eka Hospital is a good hospital, it’s clean and professional. They have one tariff fee, so you will be charged Rp 260.000 in advance for seeing any specialist doctor, eg, I was seeing dr. Wiku after that I need to see Internist doctor, I don’t have to pay the doctor fee again. I just need to pay for any action / treatment / medical supplies that next doctor gives to me.

Anyway dr. Wiku is PhD and he comes from Semarang also just like me. I’m sure I can see the chemistry with him. When I entered his room, he was so friendly, he said what’s my problem ? I frankly spoken that I need 2nd opinion about my case, so I told him everything, I show him every my test result also.

He said that my HSG result is valid. HSG is no need to re-take again, he explained the same explanation about how my result describe that my tube fallopian was blocked. When he saw my USG result from dr. Budi that indicate that my uterus was thick, he said “This is not just thickness it’s a problem and disease. This thick uterus, will cause the uterus room will be narrow for the baby. He pointed to dr. Budi’s handwriting “adenomyosis” He said “Adenomyosis is you have some like myom inside the uterus tissue and it can grow and make your uterus be thicker and thicker, even bayi tabung will only have a little chance, because there’s no space for the baby”. Ohhh okay I was very shocked…. If bayi tabung can’t do then how I can have baby ?


“Do you have any problem with menstrual period ”

“Yes, I feel so much pain when I am having my period. Usually I feel that I even can’t do anything without taking paracetamol”

“How long have you’ve been like that ?”

I said “Since I was a girl, I think it’s during college time. It become even worse when I was already working”

“Do you tell your Mom about this ? ”

“Yes, I did”

“So, why you didn’t see a doctor ?”


“Mommy, friends and my auntie said It’s common, usually the pain will be gone when I’m married and have baby. But I did, I went to doctor when I was just married, but the doctor didn’t say anything (it was dr. Stephen, I won’t recommend you guys go to him)”

“You should have checked when you felt something wrong before it’s too late right now. Let me check you, so I can confirm your doubt and we can decide what you should do next”

So I did let dr. Wiku, did the transvaginal USG, he showed me where’s my adenomyosis is, he said I had some immature egg on the right, and endometrosis cyst on the left.

“Okay, let’s not waste time, you need to start IVF program immediately, while there’s still a space room for the baby. I will recommend you to my colleague dr. Budi Wiweko from Klinik Yasmin”

“Can we do something else dok ?” I asked

“Can! But what’s for wasting money and time for something that useless. You have complex problem, you are running of your time. You need to have the baby while there’s still a space in your uterus. Before the cyst or the adenomiosis take over your uterus space. Don’t waste time, get started bayi tabung while still have chance”

I said to myself “Yeah, Bayi Tabung it will be, so be it lah…”

dr. Wiku gave me a recommendation letter to dr. Budi. He said this is the best place with the fee that make sense and worth for trying. He wish me luck also with my plan. He is  a nice person. I wish I can deliver my baby with him, but he didn’t accept patient that want to baby program. His specialty is identify any pregnancy problems.

I spent 260.000 for the doctor and 250.000 for the 2D Transvaginal USG. Eka Hospital wrapped up my USG result in a folder, complete with the diagnosis on a letter. It’s so neat and more professional compared to Siloam. Unfortunately, Eka Hospital is a bit far from my home even It’s in Tangerang City also. But going there, you have to pass a very bad traffic jam in Serpong area. I wish there are direct highway from Karawaci to Eka Hospital.

So, after I went home I decided to share my story with people especially girls who have painful menstrual cramp. You’re better go the doctor NOW!

My USG Result in words

My USG Result in words

My USG Result 1

My USG Result 1

My USG Result

My USG Result

My USG Result

My USG Result

My USG Result

My USG Result

My USG result from dr. Wiku

My USG result from dr. Wiku

My USG result

My USG result

My USG Result

My USG Result